STEAL Our Vote? STEAL OUR Future!

Republican reFRAMES Importance of ALL Citizens Defending The Vote=Democracy
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Brilliant essay from understanding Computer expert whose honest assesment and ’framing’ of the Arguments for the ’Franchise’, the Sanctity of the Vote, protection of the ’Ultimate Commons’, the Equal Right to Vote, a concern for the integrity of a ’survey’ that respects the will of the American Voter. Voting trust is the most basic, parlimentary way to petition OUR government for a ’redress of grievances’ This writer states: "Since the only thing that holds our Representatives accountable to us is the power of our votes, if that disappears, so does their accountability.The incredible power of our American nation is contained solely within the American people’s votes, and by not returning that power to us they are able to quite literally Rule the World." Though he says Democrats, vote protectors and fraud pursuers are missing the oppurtunity to build broad non-partisan support, because, "You are missing the point when you describe the problem as “Bush stole the election from Kerry”, and Republicans are simply not going to get on board with that.” He cares about the pure essence of Representative Democracy,a security expert who is concerned about the voting infrastructure controlled by machines that "have been designed SPECIFICALLY to allow fraud then prevent it!" Republicans have been timid & blind so far because, "The reason that we Republicans haven’t seen it stems from the fact that it is not as obvious to us Republicans as it is the Democrats, since the pendulum of power moved in the way we wanted it to. We’re less likely to see the problem, since we tried to push the pendulum to the right, and the pendulum dutifully moved to the right. What we’re missing is the fact that maybe WE didn’t move it any more than a surfer moves the wave he rides in on by pointing his board towards the beach." I agree, THE NATION, THE FRANCHISE WOULD BE BETTER SERVED AND SAVED BY FRAMING THE DILEMNA AS SO: " The problem is not that John Kerry lost the election. That is just a SYMPTOM of the real problem, which is that the electorate may not be under the control of the American people. We need to re-frame this debate under different terms that EVERY American can understand and support.There appears that there was definitely a grab for power, but it was not the Republicans stealing power from the Democrats. If it happened, then a small group of Republicans stole the power from the American People as a whole." ALERT: "The great unknown right now is whether we still have enough power left to get it back,Ask yourself if we can ever come together and really make the world a better place if we keep following the path that we’re on." VOTING is the barometer of The Peoples, goals, aspirations, Dreams, the path We SEEK!

STEAL Our Vote? STEAL OUR Future!

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