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Voting Irregularities in Washington: State-by #48
December 1st, 2004 : Filed by ~A!

This is my third installment in the State-by-State voting investigation being conducted by myself and Ron Brynaert looking into our electoral process in general, and what’s screwed up so we can make it better.

The buzz in Washington in the 2004 election is all about the Governer’s race. Recounts, provisional ballots, and allegations of intimidation and creative counting abound. The race between Dino Rossi ( R) and Christine Gregoire (D) is the closest gubernatorial election in the state’s history, so there were bound to be some issues.

John Fund, a conservative author and columnist who wrote “Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy” wrote this column talking about the ways in which the Democrats were trying to steal the gubernatorial election. In the piece, he asserts “creative counting” by the Democratic party due to the fact that the Dems didn’t want a full state recount, only selected counties and Democratic provisionals, going so far as to say that they hung up on Republican voters, rather than try to get their votes counted.

But no sooner was his piece published in the WSJ Opinion Journal than it was pounced on by the liberal MediaMatters.org. In this column Media Matters took aim at Mr. Funds logic. The two balanced each other out, making the score 0-0 in the opinion media on the recount process in Washington.

There are currently just over 40 votes separating the two candidates, and state elections officials planned to certify Rossi as the Governer-elect yesterday. Democrats will have time to contest the results, and a full state recount request is expected Friday, December 33rd.

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