The little girl's name is Victoria Jo

From ShawneeWoman

"The little girl's name is Victoria Jo.

I posted this on another forum I participate in and do so here, as well:

the child

She lay snuggled in her Daddy's arms, the soft sounds of a newborn filled his heart, a heart that was torn and broken. 48 hours before this man had his whole life ahead of him and now he was left with his whole world in his hands and she was beautiful. Victoria Jo was her name and she was not due to be born for another month.

Another woman had decided that her mother was to be replaced by her. On Thursday this woman went to the humble home of this child's parents and did something horrific. She strangled little Victoria Jo's mother and cut open her uterus and delivered this child on a living room floor. She then drove several hours back to her home town and showed off 'her' new baby. Within hours the woman and the child were found, the baby returned to her Daddy and the woman sits in jail.

Victoria Jo has captured the hearts of many here in Missouri and all over the country. On Friday we watched through Amber Alert at the bottom of our TV screens, waiting for word of her safe return. The good word came and we all breathed a sigh of relief and then shed tears of joy.

A true Miracle!


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