Guardsmen: tell the" Republican relatives to fvck off and die for me

by crazymom on Daily Kos :: Comments "We are going to pay for this in blood" - Guardsmen
My son is an Ohio Nat'l Guardsmen...

stationed in Iraq. He has been gone since Dec. and will not be home until March. They did their "basic" training in Indiana in the snow and cold. He claims they were trained fairly well and I know they received proper body armor( my husband and I raised hell about it) , but their equipment is old and totally worn out . They are running up and down the roads with trucks that look like they're from the Vietnam era.During my son's basic training in Georgia years ago they told him didn't need the combat training because he was just in the Guard.(Has this attitude changed?) The over use and abuse of the Guard has been my major beef. Some may be willing to go ,they support the war and this idiotic president-I say let'em go. But others should not be forced to serve more than one deployment. They end up getting deployed for longer periods and receive fewer benefits than regular army. The majority do not want to go and if they go once they don't want to go again. It's devastating to their lives personally and financially.My son e-mailed me yesterday and told me to have a happy T. Day. He said to tell the" Republican relatives to fuck off and die for me (haha?)".His words not mine. Believe me there are alot of guys over there that hate Bush as much as we do and they need to speak out. That's the problem that I have with ones that say they are reenlisting. They shouldn't. I can't feel bad for them because they know what they're heading into and they are supporting this travesty by agreeing to go. My son will NOT reenlist!!


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