Daily Kos :: Kerry lost 369 votes at one Ohio polling place. Not an isolated problem: 115 lost at another

Old stuff: Precincts with the most 3rd party votes. There are other suspicious precincts.

Source of the precinct level data:

Graph showing how most of the precincts with high levels 3rd party votes had Kerry doing much better than Bush:

hat's some good sleuthing.

To put the story together, what happened is that two precincts shared one polling place. Each precinct had their own ballot layout, and each of the two ballot layouts had the presidential candidates in a different order.

So then what happened is that the instruction cards/booklets must have gotten mixed up, with voters using the instruction cards/booklets from the wrong precinct, even though they voted in the right precinct.

So if someone at precinct 4F was supposed to mark slot 1 for Kerry, and they had the instruction booklet for 4N, they would have marked slot 3. Intending to vote for Kerry, and voting for Peroutka instead.

Nice work. Who do you tell?

How many other precincts had wrong instruction card/booklets? Start with how many other polling places had multiple precincts.

Type of polling place

You might consider the implications of this being at the Benedictine High School, which I assume is some kind of Catholic school.

The most troublesome precinct in my own county was one that was held at a Baptist Church with an, um, unsympathetic minister. And guess what??? He was also in charge of that polling place. So you've got a guy who knows the location better than anyone, lives onsite, and believes John Kerry is the devil incarnate.

In our case, this site just had long lines and also enjoyed a visit by a guy in an Uncle Sam hat, sending people away from this, their correct location, to the wrong location 2 miles away.

But I'm beginning to wonder if we need to look at types of polling places more closely.

Daily Kos :: Kerry cost 369 votes at one Ohio polling place. Not an isolated problem: 115 lost at another

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