Creepy Wisdom from The Wired Jester :: The Ossuary at Sedlec

Sedlec, near Prague

. The church-yard is quiet. The church itself has spires, and at the top are skull and crossbone motifs. Sedlec is not actually a church - it's an Ossuary: a tomb...For some reason, in the 17 and 1800s, they decided to decorate the Ossuary...

We live with religion from a very small age, and it's easy to feel a certain bored disdain for it. Perhaps respect for certain religious individuals, but it's easy to feel that overall, religion is a known quantity. Those who don't believe it don't see the mystery; or we think we don't need it anyway. Sedlec proves, I think, that religion - and the way we use it (and are used by it?) - is endlessly surprising. It's a very strange place, because you realise that for all its solid, concrete, righteous apperance, belief and faith are fervent, mutable ideas, impossible to constrain by rules. It is both chilling and amusing to imagine what fundamentalists - be they Dubya and Ashcroft, or Iraqi terrorists - would make of Sedlec

The Wired Jester :: The Ossuary at Sedlec: Gone but never forgotten


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