Yahoo! News - Bush Seeks Funds for Abstinence Education

Says abstinence presents ZERO % risk of pregnancy and STDs.

[Yeah and how many CAN stay abstinent for extended periods of time ? -- law]

Not even Bush's own nephew!
Jebby's arrest for having sex in a mall parking lot!!!

WASHINGTON - President Bush's re-election insures that more federal money will flow to abstinence education that precludes discussion of birth control, even as the administration awaits evidence that the approach gets kids to refrain from sex.

Congress last weekend included more than $131 million for abstinence programs in a $388 billion spending bill, an increase of $30 million but about $100 million less than Bush requested. Meanwhile, a national evaluation of abstinence programs has been delayed, with a final report not expected until 2006.

Ten state evaluations, compiled by a group that opposes abstinence-only education, showed little change in teens' behavior since the start of abstinence programs in 1997.

The president has been a strong proponent of school-based sexual education that focuses on abstinence, but does not include instruction on safe sex.

'We don't need a study, if I remember my biology correctly, to show us that those people who are sexually abstinent have a zero chance of becoming pregnant or getting someone pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted disease,' said Wade Horn, the assistant secretary of Health and Human Services in charge of federal abstinence funding.

Yahoo! News - Bush Seeks Funds for Abstinence Education


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