WorldNetDaily: Shut up and leave already!

Red hate & inferiority complex exposed... - law

Now, because the economy is good ... Say What ?!?!? - law

.. liberal elitists like those quoted above are taking their very wealthy means and relocating – and let me emphasize this next point – WE NORMAL WORKING FOLKS DON'T CARE!

I have been saying this since the election, but liberals don't get it. In their mind they believe themselves the all knowing, all powerful and all insightful god of the universe. If you disagree, then you simply are evil scum that must be wiped from the face of existence.

Conservatives believe there is a God. Absolutes exist. Standards have meaning. And so far, we are not ready to chuck all of those just so that liberals can get their "funky groove on."

So to those of you who feel it necessary to let us know that you are so distraught with America that you can stay not even a day longer, don't dally. Just go. Send cards at Christmas, or Hanukah, Kwanza, Ramadan and Boxing Day (or whatever that Canadian thing is).



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