Why I forgave John Kerry

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I don't feel there was anything to forgive

I did at first, but - as she's done before -
Randi Rhodes straightened me out. John Kerry
and his team looked all night for any evidence
which supported what they knew in their hearts
and souls, that the results in Ohio (and elsewhere) were fraudulent. Remember, they had
tens of thousands of lawyers and others right
at the trouble spots this time, and so they
could work much faster than Gore's team did
in 2000. But what they realized was that because
of the easily hackable and unverifiable
black box voting machines which had no paper
trails, they had no evidence which they could
take to court, and so, after determining that
the uncounted ballots would not be enough, John
Kerry conceded. I don't think he did so to placate
the masses. Had he dragged it through the courts,
he would have looked like a ridiculous fool at the
end. This way he gets to be a noble figure, and to be looked upon as someone still able to fight for us in office (remember that - unlike Gore - he still has to hold an office after his defeat, that of Senator."


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