Why I DON'T CARE if Bush cheated

Wed Nov 3rd, 2004 at 14:42:55 CDT

I don't care if he did or not. I'd take a Mondale defeat any day over this one.

The DNC could find my e-mail 5 times a day to whine for money, yet I had to learn the news from Bush.

How would YOU feel GOPpie?

My kids won't be drafted, they are too little. My husband still has his job, I still have my house and family. My nephew is still in Iraq, but he chose to be there.

Life goes on, but we live and learn.

I should have smelled a rat before. DNC roled over on the war vote, on the Patriot Act, on the commissions...

My own damn fault.

But hell will freeze over before I vote DNC or GOP again


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