What do we do now ? Nothing, except wait for the GOP to self destruct ?

"What do we do ? Nothing, except let them know we know all about

1. Missing $1 trillion in defense
'Military waste under fire
$1 trillion missing -- Bush plan targets Pentagon accounting'

2. The coming trillions that renovating Medicare will cost not to mention the easier to fix Social Security system
'Medicare faces cost crisis - Multitrillion-dollar deficits loom over federal programs'

3. The fact that they can't tell us how long we will be staying in Iraq; Gen Frank's book says 5 years, Sen McCain on CNN tells us '10 to 20 years'... You've got to be kidding, right ? At a current level of $9 billion per month, you do the math not to mention the grim reaper's math.

4. The President is in fiscal handcuffs. The only thing he can realistically do is let the value of the dollar fall. He also HAS TO balance the budget, but with his legacy at stake, he would have to borrow in order to do that. This risks a full blow free fall in the value of the dollar and risks global depression. Is Bush's ego big enough to risk it all on that gamble ? Did I have to ask ?

5. The GOP ship is sinking. 'PYRRHIC VICTORY' OFFICIALLY RENAMED 'BUSH VICTORY' http://www.moderateindependent.com/v1i4pyrrhic.htm
It is now official !"

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