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It's dirt simple. If Americans want every vote to count, then Americans - not machines - must count every vote.

The problem. Americans are not voting properly, not under federal law nor the Constitution nor the common sense God gave geese. Voting is a 3-step process: marking, casting, and counting votes. For this process to have integrity, paper ballots must be privately and manually marked and then publicly and manually cast and counted in a polling precinct under the watchful eyes of election officials, the press, and the public. That is the simple process that affords people the opportunity to effectively observe if vote fraud or system failure occurs. That is the process used by over 90% of democratic countries around the world. But, that is the process that only 0.6% of American voters are using! The other 99.4% are allowing voting machines to muck things up.

Although some Republicans political candidates believe that voting machines played a part in their election defeats, history shows that Democrats are most often the victims of this technology. Both computerized ballot scanners and touchscreens are made, sold, and serviced by a handful of Republican-owned and foreign-owned corporations. Two corporations (ES&S and Diebold) counted over 80% of all votes in America in the 2004 election. These corporations operate free from any meaningful regulation by either federal or state authorities. Rigging elections would be duck soup for company insiders. The only time most ballots are counted is if an election is 'close' or somebody sues. Of course, if someone is going to rig an election, they will certainly rig it by a sufficient number of votes in order not to trigger an automatic recount (usually 0.5% of the vote).

Americans can't count on the Department of Justice (particularly Craig Donsanto), or the corporate news media (including the Associated Press) or their polling organizations (mainly Warren Mitofsky) to save the day. Researchers, such as the late Collier brothers (see VoteScam: The Stealing of America), have long contended that high ranking members within these very organizations have worked hard to keep Americans in the dark. So, the news media can't be trusted, polls can't be verified, and looking at historical voting patterns is an uncertain science since voting machines have been around since 1892, effectively contaminating the statistical landscape. And the suggestion by the VerifiedVoting groups, that random audits are sufficient to spot and stop voting irregularities, is grossly misguided, as it leaves partisan elections officials and voting machine companies in effective control of election results.

The result. There's no hard evidence of who really wins any election in America. Our voting system has been privatized and outsourced. Public control and oversight is over. At this point in time, America truly fits the definition of a corporate fascist state.

The solution? Many people don't think we can wait for another election, that we need a new election now - minus the machines. There's a growing realization that we must return effective public oversight to the voting process, particularly for absentee voters. Election officials could easily establish remote polling precincts around the nation as well as at embassies and military bases in order to ensure the integrity of the process.

What should you do? Investigate, educate, and agitate. Knowledge is power. Lots of people still are clueless. They need to know what a farce our elections are. Don't accept business-as-usual. Don't wait for the big civil rights organizations to act. Don't fall for the 'permitted' marches on weekends in Washington when there's no one in town to notice and the corporate media gives it scant coverage, anyway. Some activists are suggesting an 'endless occupation' of Capital Hill when Congress convenes on January 20th. (No permit, no puppets, just lots and lots of angry voters.) Others have gone to court, such as Bev Harris and myself. Still others are demanding a recount, such as in Ohio. Democratic legislators could walk out of Congress and their state assemblies, denying the Republicans a quorum. That happened in Texas last year when Democratic legislators left the state to fight redistricting by the Republicans.

One thing is certain, Republicans will increase their stranglehold on the U.S. government and its citizens as long as voting machines remain part of the process. (Last edited 11/19/04)"


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