US ignores the blue Diaspora at it's own peril

Here's what 1,000 neocons said recently in 1,000 different ways but with the same meaning. This neocon summarized their attitude:

Got the White House ?
How about the US Senate?
How about the US House?
How about the power to appoint Federal Judges?

You must at least have the majority of State Gov's State houses.

If "no" is the answer to all of the above and it "IS", then your ideas are not mainstream America and you should be on the outside looking in, and you are

Nice, heh ? We're not allowed in the banquet room yet we're paying at least half of the cost...

Palast says he's going back to London. A lot of bright people will follow. The ones who can are our brightest, most skilled, the well to do. In summary, the ones who could make a difference will eventually pack up and leave, if they loose faith in the system here.

I saw it happen before in 3rd world countries. We've all seen the Indian doctors, chinese engineers, etc... Putting all their skill and effort away from their country, who doesn't feel like home anymore. I can tell you that it WAS NOT beneficial for their home country.

Besides, with modern technology, and outsourcing being such a well beaten path already, things are much easier for ex-patriates now. They can still work for American companies from overseas, paying taxes there, getting their kids educated there, etc... The telecomm links are already established. The factories are already overseas. A lot of companies are already global

We have already seen the draining of jobs and manufacturing parks from America. Now we will see the "brain drain", the blue Diaspora where the young from the blue states move out of US because they've lost faith in our systems.

The "red" states and voters are laughing it off. They are actually pushing us out. Yet I can't see anything good coming from it.


Blogger lawnorder said...

Response from a RedOne of the few truly compassionate Reds I know sent me this answer to my Diaspora rant:

To not take away from the intent of this absurd scare tactic just because Kerry didn't get the White House let me get to the real point.

The problem with Democrats and the problem with Republican politicians is they don't know what anybody wants. They never really ask, or even pursue an answer. There is often little dialog with those they represent. Poor people are starting to turn away from Democrats because they never fulfilled any promises. Some minorities are turning away from Democrats because they have taken them for granted. The south once solidly Democrat turned away because Democrats on a federal level adapted ideals completely foreign to them. Now we are starting to vote them out because it seems their ideals are not what we are screaming to them. We in these red states don't know who Democrats really are except someone from California or the North East directing the country as to what the think is best for us. What we want is for them to let us figure out what is best for us. We want them to serve us and not them. We are tired of being ignored. But some where down the road our party leaders got confused. The whole government went to left and left us reds sitting on the outside. We had our communities invaded by people who don't live there directing how we operate. We faced lawsuit after lawsuit taking away from us traditions we held in our communities for years. And yet today the blues stand in awe and scratching their heads what happened. How does it feel to be on the outside? Sucks doesn't it. Ever since the 60's the reds have been on the outside and our thoughts and our cares have always been politically incorrect. We got sick of it. So we stood up shut out the party that was furtherest to the left. If the party beside that one doesn't listen we will shut them out. But sadly it doesn't seem the Blues in the "intelligent" levels are learning. Once again I see the rhetoric of crybabies whining and threatning to leave because they didn't get their way. They ran over us and instead of leaving or crying we put up with it until we got sick of it. Want to leave, get out. Want to be an American stop crying and listen to us for change. Stop calling us backward, stupid hicks and put together something that doesn't make our skin crawl. The left has activism for everything but us reds, and yet we work day after day paying for those things you protest for. Time for a change and time for you to listen for a change. That is what 2000 was about and that is what 2004 is about. This is our country to and you can't see that, but now you have p*ssed enough of us off that you have no choice but to listen. So send this message to the left. Open a dialog to this silent majority instead of having "your way".

11/07/2004 08:28:00 AM  

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