uniformityville_horror: Marines Self-Destruct

How was an honorable fighting force subjugated, degraded, and turned into unrepentant killers of civilians? We who prided ourselves as being above all other services, officers, NCOs, and enlisted who knew the difference between right and wrong on the battlefield
and would die protecting the civilian population from excesses? What has happened to us?

To see my kids - yeah, MY KIDS - in a video clip exulting over the
killing of an unarmed civilian with overwhelming firepower was the end of my association with today's Marine Corps. Brain-dead Marine Corps Corporals and Sergeants mugging to the BBC camera, shouting 'right on', as they observe an unarmed Iraqi they have turned into hamburger from a fortified position with overwhelming firepower.

Some warriors. Perhaps their God Bush will give them absolution, and then hey, it's right back to the killing. Fundamentalist Christian rock before the battle, baptism in a water-filled dinghy by prostitutes wearing the cross of the chaplain. Our slain comrades? Let Bush take care of 'em...

Robert S. Finnegan is the Managing Editor of Southeast Asia News, a former Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps and the lead investigator/Senior Editor for The Jakarta Post, Jakarta Indonesia on the Bali bombings of 2002


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