Unbelievable results for Oklahoma, The percent change went against odds

Common Ground Common Sense: "Unbelievable results for Oklahoma, The percent change went against odds"

Here's an article about possible vote fraud in Oklahoma. The
newspaper "Tulsa World" printed the results for
Oklahoma's counties in it's Nov. 3rd issue. They weren't
complete results -- they represented only the 70% of the
votes that had been tallied so far.

When the state released its final tally (the date on the
document below is Nov. 15), with 100% of the votes in, Bush's
numbers increased in all 77 counties as one would expect.

The strange thing is, in counting the remaining 30%, Kerry's
vote totals decreased from the partial results published in
the Nov. 3rd Tulsa World issue. This happened in 57 of the
77 counties. How can this be?

Voting Machines Count Backwards in Okla.
57 Rural Counties Affected - Vote Fraud Suspected


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