Transcript of conversation with Warren Mitofsky.

Not me, another CT enthusiast and voter fraud investigative blogger -- law

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MY FULL EMAIL TO KEITH OLBERMANN: I think this issue is going to blow wide apart in the media...

'This is a transcript conversation I had with Warren Mitofsky....He's
back to saying the same things, getting in a fight with Zogby over
stating the fact that the exit polls shown were leaked polls that were
wrong. However I surmised the evidence and finaggled out the truth.

Mr Mitofsky means well, but he has been ill informed by the networks
who paid him. I also cite a case for fraud which I think could be very
close to accurate...

''Mr. Mitofsky, I want reasons and direct so called 'theories' as to
why your exit polling data is so differing.

Why would your later results be exactly the opposite of what you
claim? Why would it show such a large change of neither Bush or Kerry
being the winner, but still somehow within the same hour all the exit
polls being pushed into Bush's corner?

Where are these so called fraudulent exit polls leaked by Bloggers?
Where are they? According to the very websites which cite the
evidence, these so called 'exit polls' are all late afternoon, if not
evening, where Kerry was still shown as the winner, presidentially
across the nation....


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