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Insurgents Attack Iraqi Security Forces

AP - 1 hour, 15 minutes ago
Insurgents attacked Iraqi security forces with mortars and roadside bombs across the rebellious Sunni Triangle on Wednesday, a day after U.S. and Iraqi troops launched an offensive to push militant fighters out of the northern city of Mosul

U.S. Seek People's Allegiance in Fallujah
AP - Wed Nov 17, 2:10 AM ET
As fighting winds down, U.S. troops face an even more difficult mission in Fallujah — winning the people's allegiance. Planners want to make sure the Fallujah battle doesn't mimic the U.S.-led invasion: a well-executed military assault followed by a flawed occupation

Week of fighting leaves Fallujah in shambles
USATODAY.com - Tue Nov 16, 8:29 AM ET
A week of ground combat by Marines and some Iraqi troops, supported by tanks and attack helicopters, added to the destruction in a city where the homes and businesses for about 300,000 people are packed into an area a little less than 2 miles wide and a little more than 2 miles long

GOP Election Victory Shaping Budget Bills
AP - Wed Nov 17, 2:07 AM ET
The Republican election victory and the sheer weight of record deficits are shaping a pair of mammoth budget bills that the GOP is trying to shove through Congress during its lame-duck session.

Trying to Lose Weight? Sleep More, Get Dog
AP - 1 hour, 52 minutes ago
Experts have this unconventional advice for dieters: Don't scrimp on sleep and think about getting a dog.

NASA 'Scramjet' Travels Almost 7,000 Mph
AP - 56 minutes ago
An unmanned NASA jet screamed into the record books high over the Pacific Ocean by reaching speeds of almost 7,000 mph, brightening hopes that humans might one day be able to fly across a continent in minutes instead of hours.

Clubhouse catfight
U.S. News & World Report - Tue Nov 16, 5:04 PM ET
For 40 years, Arlen Specter, the son of a junkyard owner from Russell, Kan., has emerged from the political shadows at poignant moments to leave some indelible mark on the historical record: the single-bullet theory in the Kennedy assassination; his role in defeating the contentious Supreme Court nomination of Robert Bork in 1987; his harsh 1991 questioning of Anita Hill that helped put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court; and his vote of "not proven" on the impeachment of Bill Clinton, which Specter explained by citing Scottish law.

Chirac Says Iraq War Made World More Dangerous
Reuters - 1 hour, 47 minutes ago
Last year's U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and ousting of President Saddam Hussein has, if anything, made the world more dangerous, French President Jacques Chirac said on the eve of a state visit to key U.S. ally Britain.

Special Report: The Iran Connection
U.S. News & World Report - Mon Nov 15, 4:29 PM ET
In the summer of last year, Iranian intelligence agents in Tehran began planning something quite spectacular for September 11, the two-year anniversary of al Qaeda's attack on the United States, according to a classified American intelligence report. Iranian agents disbursed $20,000 to a team of assassins, the report said, to kill Paul Bremer, then the top U.S. civilian administrator in Iraq.

Waiting for a Governor in Washington
Los Angeles Times - Tue Nov 16, 7:55 AM ET
Elections officials are still counting the votes in the tight race. The state is hopeful that the results will be final by Wednesday.

Secretaries of Agriculture, Energy, Education quit
USATODAY.com - Tue Nov 16, 8:30 AM ET
With Monday's announcement of four Cabinet resignations, at least six Cabinet members are leaving the Bush administration.

Study gives male contraceptive a shot
USATODAY.com - Fri Nov 12, 6:23 AM ET
The world of male contraception has been limited to condoms and vasectomies. But researchers now point to a new method that shows promise - a shot that prompts an immune reaction to a protein produced in the male reproductive system

Cuban Artists Stage Mass Defection
Los Angeles Times - Tue Nov 16, 7:55 AM ET
Saying an uncertain future awaits them if they return home, 43 members of a musical revue file asylum petitions in Las Vegas.

Exiles: Iran Hides Secret Military Nuke Site from U.N.
Reuters - 1 hour, 45 minutes ago
Iran's government is conducting nuclear activities linked to a covert atomic weapons program at a military site unknown to U.N. inspectors, says an exiled opposition group that has given accurate information before

Troops Move To Quell Insurgency In Mosul
washingtonpost.com - Wed Nov 17,12:00 AM ET
BAGHDAD, Nov. 16 -- U.S. and Iraqi troops entered Mosul in force Tuesday to retake streets and police stations seized by fighters in the northern city last week, while a prominent Iraqi insurgent claimed that the battle in Fallujah was only the beginning of an uprising that has already roiled parts of Iraq dominated by Sunni Muslims

Iraqi rebels fire mortars at Ramadi government complex: US military
Insurgents fired mortars at a government complex in Ramadi as sporadic clashes erupted between US troops and rebels, a US marine official said. Bloody battles between US troops and insurgents have been going on for several days in Ramadi, which is the capital of the province of Al-Anbar. Six Iraqis were killed in Ramadi on Sunday.

Palestinian Leader Asks Militants to Halt Attacks
Reuters - Tue Nov 16, 6:19 PM ET
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas urged militant groups on Tuesday to help with an orderly succession to Yasser Arafat, as Israel talked of possible coordination with Palestinians on its Gaza pullout plan

CARE Director Believed Slain in Iraq Hassan's friend, freelance journalist Felicity Arbuthnot, said she had a "broken heart." "To do something like this to a woman who has given all her adult life to Iraq and to a woman is incomprehensible," she told British Broadcasting Corp. radio. Arbuthnot said Hassan had strongly opposed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

An Iraqi youth walks past a blazing pipeline near the town of Taji November 14, 2004 after it was attacked by insurgents. (Stringer/Iraq (news - web sites)/Reuters)


Great Promise, Muted Results
Los Angeles Times - Tue Nov 16, 7:55 AM ET
WASHINGTON — A year ago, more than 100,000 anti-American demonstrators stomped through the streets of London as President Bush met with Prime Minister Tony Blair about the troubled aftermath of the Iraq war. But at a nearby hotel where U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell was scheduled to speak, people who said they despised Bush stood waiting, hoping to win Powell's autograph. A former four-star general, hero of the Persian Gulf War and the first African American secretary of State, the 67-year-old Powell leaves office as he came: deeply respected and the most popular man in the Bush administration. Yet many analysts consider Powell — a man who reaped success throughout his life — a disappointment in a job that once seemed perfect for him. "Never has a secretary of State taken office with such great expectations and left with such meager results," said Joseph Cirincione of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. "He's a good soldier, and a good soldier who oversees unwise policies does not fare well in the history books," said Michael Krepon, former president of the Henry L. Stimson Center, a Washington think tank.

Europe Remembers Rice's 'Punish France' Quip PARIS - In Europe, it's hard for some to think of Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell (news - web sites)'s expected replacement as U.S. secretary of state — without recalling the low points in trans-Atlantic relations that grew out of the war in Iraq (news - web sites). After all, it was Rice who raised eyebrows last year with her Machiavellian suggestions for how Washington should treat European opponents of the U.S.-led invasion. "Punish France, ignore Germany and forgive Russia," Rice was widely quoted as telling associates in the spring of 2003. "Condie Rice is a woman with character, that's the least we can say," French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier said Tuesday of President Bush's trusted national security adviser.



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