Top news Yahoo 11/14/04

These Unseen Wounds Cut Deep
Los Angeles Times - 2 hours, 51 minutes ago
A mental health crisis is emerging, with one in six returning soldiers afflicted, experts say.

Cheney Has Common Cold, Adviser Says
AP - 4 minutes ago
Vice President Dick Cheney, back home after a brief hospital visit, has nothing more than a cold and his heart is fine, an adviser said Sunda

Dollar's Decline Is Reverberating
Los Angeles Times - 2 hours, 51 minutes ago
If foreign investors look elsewhere, interest rates could climb and living standards could fall.

31 U.S. Troops Killed So Far in Fallujah
AP - 1 hour, 24 minutes ago
The U.S. military's ground and air assault of Fallujah has gone quicker than expected, with the entire city occupied after six days of fighting, the Marine commander who planned the offensive said Sunday. The military said 31 Americans have been killed in the siege.

Fed's Gramlich Urges Fix for Budget Gap
Reuters - Sat Nov 13,12:35 PM ET
U.S. budget deficits pose a problem for both the domestic and world economies, but there seems little political will to fix them, Federal Reserve Board Governor Edward Gramlich said on Saturday.

Marines Find Body of Possible Westerner
AP - 1 hour, 16 minutes ago
U.S. Marines on Sunday found the mutilated body of what they believe was a Western woman during a sweep of a street in central Fallujah

Frist: Specter Must Prove Himself for Post
AP - 28 minutes ago
Sen. Arlen Specter must prove to his Republican colleagues that he is the right man to head the Senate Judiciary Committee in the next Congress, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Sunday

Baghdad Airport Closed Indefinitely -- PM Office
Reuters - Sat Nov 13, 5:15 PM ET
Iraq's interim government extended the closure of Baghdad international airport indefinitely on Saturday under emergency rule imposed ahead of this week's U.S.-led offensive on Falluja.

Activists: Chernobyl Radiation Lingers
AP - Sat Nov 13, 8:33 PM ET
The signs say "KEEP OUT" and warn of radiation contamination, but the mushroom-pickers trudge right past them carrying their pails. Eighteen years after the reactor at Chernobyl in neighboring Ukraine exploded, spewing a cloud of radiation that blew north and contaminated 22 percent of this ex-Soviet republic, activists warn of a new threat facing Belarusians: the longing to return to normal life

A Radical Who Remained Just Out of Reach
washingtonpost.com - Sun Nov 14,12:00 AM ET
SAARBRUECKEN, Germany -- Shortly after departing this southwestern German city on a Paris-bound train, a mysterious foreigner was pulled aside by police at the French border. The passenger claimed to be Palestinian, but carried no identification. He wouldn't say where he was going, or why.

Over the next three years, investigators say, he recruited volunteers for suicide missions, frequented fundamentalist mosques and played a key role in planning the biggest terror attack on European soil, the train bombings in Madrid on March 11 this year.

All along, Mohamed -- whose legal name is Rabei Osman Sayed Ahmed -- was able to dodge police and counterterrorism officials in at least three countries. They repeatedly put him on watch lists under a variety of names, but failed to figure out what he was up to, according to interviews with European investigators and a review of court and immigration documents.

"I know who they are, but they don't know who I am," the former Egyptian army officer said to a friend in Milan this past June, shortly before he was arrested by Italian police, who had been recording his conversations. "You confuse them, they won't know where you came from. . . . You're clandestine, but you move around with no problem."

China faces annual water shortfall of up to 40 billion cubic metres
Sat Nov 13, 1:10 PM ET
China is facing water shortages of 30-40 billion cubic metres a year, state media said, threatening public health and economic development.

Dutch Say Alleged Radical Chief Missing
AP -
Sun Nov 14, 7:11 AM ET
Dutch authorities have confirmed that 13 young Muslims arrested on terrorism charges in the Netherlands after the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh are members of a radical Islamic group with international links and a Syrian-born spiritual leader.

Dems Say More Funding Needed for Veterans
AP - Sat Nov 13,12:19 PM ET
Democrats and Republicans in Congress must set aside partisan differences to adequately fund health care services for active U.S. troops and military veterans, Rep. Chet Edwards of Texas said Saturday in the weekly Democratic radio address

70 Injured U.S. Soldiers Taken to Germany
AP - Sat Nov 13, 6:57 PM ETMore than 70 U.S. soldiers from Iraq were flown Saturday to a military hospital in Germany, most of them wounded in the battle for Fallujah, officials said.


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