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Republicans are currently talking about the supposed Democratic obstructionists, and I would like to know where they were during the 1990's. The GOP without cease, attacked Clinton at every opportunity and founded the so-called 'politics of personal destruction'. They were sincerely ticked off when Clinton won the presidency and they never let him forget it. No matter how much good he did, no matter how many people he brought together, no matter what he accomplished, they wanted his head. Clinton said it like this on 'The Daily Show':

'I understood why my advisaries were demonizing me. One of my Republican friends said that he hated that they were mean to me, but if we fought fair I'd win all the time. And so, if they could convince people that I was no good then it didn't matter how good my policies were. Oh Clinton's not a good person, he's got no business being there so- who cares if he's creating jobs and providing healthcare and sending kids to college and keeping us safe, who cares about that.'

They are responsible for the angry and bitter tone in Washington, they created it. The supposed 'democratic obstructionists' are dwarfed by the 1990's GOP."


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