Taking Action - Bogart vs Bush

From ICD on Timbuk's site

It is highly ironic that the French play the Bush Regime role. If the movie accurately reflects lessons learned by the French, then it also goes far to explain their current reticence.

If all Failed Occupations are somewhat equal, then it is in the details that they can be measured against each other. So how does today's Iraq stack up? Poorly. Shamefully.

In Sirocco, Bogart's private contractor is truly a private & independent douchebag. So his improvised profiteering is an aberration-- a crime.

In Iraq, the so-called private contractors are explicitly doing the bidding of the Bush Regime. They are organized on a grand scale, not improvised. Their craven abuses & venal grubbing are official policy. Your tax dollars at work.

The movie gives a surprisingly non-partisan/non-judgmental portrayal of the Syrian point-of-view; and the French one. This un-Hollywood-like neutrality was only allowed because the movie sought to ride on the coattails of Bogart's success, as the apolitical Rick, in 'Casablanca'. Luckily, Sirocco's story was improved by not taking sides in the big picture. Instead, just portraying the characters' small-picture predicaments. "


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