Stripping the Courts of power in the name of God

The 'Constitution Restoration Act of 2004.' makes me sick!!!

The Wall of Separation between Church & State is being demolished
Like an annoying ditty one can't erase from the mind, 'Ten Commandments Judge' Roy Moore continues surfacing in public forums to air his strident anti-First Amendment views.

Late yesterday for the second time in recent months, the former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice appeared before a congressional committee to tout a court-stripping bill he helped write, dubbed the 'Constitution Restoration Act of 2004.' The bill would strip the federal courts of their power to find government acknowledgments of religion a violation of the First Amendment. The measure also threatens judges who do consider such cases with impeachment.

Moore, who was kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court in 2002 for refusing to follow a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from public display in the state's Judicial Building, offered his usual overwrought arguments in favor of the bill, H.R. 3799.

'For over 50 years, the federal courts have steadily eroded our first freedom, the freedom of conscience, and have attempted to replace the Godly foundation upon which this country was built with a foundation that espouses the philosophy of secular humanism, demanding people's ultimate allegiance to the state rather than God,' Moore told the House Judiciary subcommitte"


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