SoonerThought: Censored: This Column

SoonerThought: Censored: This Column


I've been given permission to forward to this list the following emails and story by Dr. Robin Meyers, minister of Mayflower Congregational Church in Oklahoma City.

The publishers of the weekly Oklahoma Gazette have chosen to censor Dr. Meyers and his column which appears in monthly rotation in the weekly shopper, to use Frosty Troy's description.
Dr. Meyers is the recipient of the Angie Debo Award for Intellectual Freedom given annually by the ACLU of Oklahoma. In addition to being the senior pastor at Mayflower Congregational Church, Dr. Meyers is professor of rhetoric at Oklahoma City University. Dr. Myers is also the author of two well-received books, "Mornings on a White Piano" and "The Virtue in the Vice", which carries a recommendation from Bishop Tutu of anti-apartheid fame and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
In my opinion, the Oklahoma Gazette exploits Dr. Meyers as a lightening rod for its letters column which frequently contains as many as three letters written by fundies who are jealous that Dr. Meyers's erudition and Christianity trumps their own as they splutter and foam about the number of hairs on their heads and whether sparrows and lilies neither spin nor toil.
Dr. Meyers has asked his supporters to politely contact the Oklahoma Gazette and express their appreciation for his columns and the objection to his censorship.
Outstanding in his support of progressive causes such as, but not limited to, the abolition of the death penalty and gay equality, Dr. Meyers does not deserve this insult from the Oklahoma Gazette, whose main business is promoting the spending of capitalist cash, and the aggrandizing of GOPer Kirk Humphreys, former mayor of OKC, and failed candidate for United States Senate, thanks to Bob Anthony's entry in to that sordid campaign.
Contact info for the Gazette is:
voice 405-528-6000
fax 405-528-4600
email editor@okgazette.com and publisher@okgazette.com


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