Sex in the Oval Office is the biggest threat to this nation

And they wander when we call them MORONS

[quote=M45,Nov 4 2004, 02:50 PM]
hahaha, bush has said the same thinig over and over again and then today they ask the same questions over and over again. he tells it like it is. even one of your own couldnt believe in Bush's first termt hat he actually was getting things donein his first term and said that dem's really didnt know what to do, it had nvr happened like this before. welll its more of the same, getting results, thats what a pres. is there for. not to have sex in the office and then lie about it to the public AND his wife and family.



You are absolutely correct. The worst thing that happened to America in the last 12 years was Bill Clinton's affair with Monica. Sex in the office crumbled the towers of American morality and burned the walls of our Pentagon with it's sin. More than 3,000 people committed suicide over the news. The biggest massacre in US since Pearl Harbor

Bin Laden, Zarqawi, Iraq, Afghanistan, bad economy all can be dealt with it steady and decisevely as Bush has done in the last 4 years. He gets things done.

Our victory in Iraq was magnificent and the parades showering our troops with flowers heartwarming. Wait, that wasn't flowers, it was IED. Nevermind...

Seeing the mastermind of the 9/11 attack who killed 3,000 of our very own being deloused on live TV was priceless. His abject figure being pulled out of a spiderhole will forever confort all those who lost loved ones in the WTC collapse. Wait, that was Saddam. Nevermind..

All this 4 years of great economy, with people begging to give us a job, paying us bonus just to interview, providing a full suite of benefits and full overtime were also a mark Bush's true leadership. He picked up a country in debt and delivered a surplus, while making the economy the most vibrant of the past 60 years. Wait.. That was Clinton. Nevermind!

Huh... What exactly DID Bush deliver ?

Ahhhh... Now I remember! No sex in the Oval office. Not even a quickie with Laura..
Yes, that trumps all other things that he didn't get done. You are absolutely correct. Bush is the best President ever.

Sex in the Oval Office is the biggest threat to this nation's foundations. So much so that we can't trust anyone but Bush to have the fortitude to abstain from it. I porpose a mandatory castration of all future Presidents, Bush included - in case the Devil tempts him.

We can NOT live in a country where the risk of Sex in the Oval Office isn't eliminated.

Collin 2008 - already neutered won't mind much
Collin 2012 - ditto
Jeb Jr. 2016 - Wait for heirs before neutering


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