Scoop: Voting Problems Should Be Fully Investigated

Scoop: Voting Problems Should Be Fully Investigated: "VOTING PROBLEMS SHOULD BE FULLY INVESTIGATED & RESOLVED

Statement by Kay J. Maxwell, President of the League of Women Voters

WASHINGTON, DC - 'The League of Women Voters is deeply concerned about voting irregularities in the 2004 election. The appropriate officials must fully investigate these concerns through open and public processes. Election officials should look into problems quickly and thoroughly and fix what proves to be wrong. Transparency and a willingness to look into potential problems will strengthen voter confidence and ultimately improve our electoral system.

'It is important to ensure that every properly cast ballot is counted and to make improvements for future elections. Attention must be given to inadequate polling place procedures, problematic voting machines, voter registration system failures, casting and counting of provisional ballots, and absentee voting issues."


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