Amway owners biggest Cybernet client, GOP big wigs in Grand Rapids..

Common Ground Common Sense: "The CyberNET Group hosts Internet Web sites for companies and holds electronic data for them. The company is based in Grand Rapids with 120 employees, and about 1,000 worldwide in Chicago, Las Vegas, the United Kingdom, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong and China.

Some of the companies clients include DeVos Place and the Van Andel Arena, whose Web sites were down Wednesday during the raid .
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I'm going to stop right there and point out a couple of things you may or may not know about the two names DeVos and VanAndel. These names are the founders of the Amway corporation and have considerable influence on the city of Grand Rapids. They are in the top 300 richest people on the planet, I think.

Whats even more important here is Betsy DeVos is the chair of the Michigan GOP, and she is actually stepping down - very likely to run against Dem Governor Jennifer Granholm in 2006 or Dem Senator Debbie Stabenow. If I may say so, she is a nasty ruthless bitch sure to make any GOP member proud.

Moreover, Mama Betty Van Andel was a philanthropist, but very active in GOP politics AND promoting a Christian Right Agenda. She died early this year. They actually funded the Van Andel Creation Research Center and several cultural, research, and evangelical Christian Organizations. They own most of downtown Grand Rapids, especially most of the cultural, museums, and convention centers. They are very likely CyberNets biggest customers and could easily get this sleazeball company involved in a scandal like this. I have no doubt. (Note, they had the money to purchase another failing company a few days ago.)"


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