Republican Treachery - At The Intersection Of Stupid And Evi

Republicans in FLA pretending to be gay, holding signs Kerry for gay adoption

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Folks, this is the moral fiber of the Republican party at work trying to corrupt the process of democracy in America. Not only does only does Bush not deserve any of our votes, Republican candidates locally should not be supported given this behavior by their party at the polls. Link with photos and the faces of these people at the bottom of this post.

By Stephen Elliot -
'The voting line stretched through the parking lot and around the fence. It was ninety-nine percent black. There were different people pushing different issues and lots of signs and there were the phony Democrats, the Republicans posing as Democrats, with rainbow signs announcing Kerry/Edward Support Gay Adoption.

'We're with ActUp,' the guy told me.

'You're not with ActUp,' I told them.

'Yes we are. We're from San Francisco,' he said. Ross came by and started filming him and Josh started taking pictures. The guy walked away but I followed him.

Someone in a yellow shirt got on a cell phone saying, 'Let me call someone to take care of these Republicans.'

I asked the people in line if it bothered them that there were Republicans posing as Democrats at their polling place. 'Most of the people in this line I guarantee you they know what they're going to do before they get in,' a lady in a black NAACP shirt said.

Once we started photographing and filming the Republicans they left fairly quickly. I followed them to the front of the library and then they walked north and they looked sad and stupid in their outfits. I thought it must be lonely lying to a big crowd and either being ignored or stared down with contempt. They had come to intimidate and make fun of people but were afraid to show their faces."


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