ReDefeat Bush - Answers to Boston Globe's Dismissal of Voter Fraud Story

ReDefeat Bush - Answers to Boston Globe's Dismissal of Voter Fraud Story

Answers to Boston Globe's Dismissal of Voter Fraud Story
Posted on Thursday, November 11 @ 07:56:59 EST by DavidAdmin

The Boston Globe and the Washington Post have run stories dismissing the questions about the legitimacy of the 2004 presidential election as just another Internet hoax. Here, thanks to Washington attorney Cynthia Butler, are six reasons why they are wrong, foremost among them that the journalists are covering this as a rumor rather than analyzing the validity of the central allegation.

Journalislt Ron Klein in his front page Boston Globe article in wishfully dismissing the Internet stories of fraud, suppression and chicanery in the foul play of the Election of 2004 totally and completely misses the point and investigates the rumor, not the central allegation. Zogby had it right; Ron Klein did not.

Some of his error is found within his own story. First, if Cameron Kerry's law firm email server almost crashed for all the people who for at least two straight days deluged it beyond capacity, of first hand reports of voter fraud and intimidation (because that is what the email called for; if they had facts) that there might be something serious going on worth investigating?

Second, the issue with long lines isn't just convenience- it is a suppression issue when people are told (wrongly) that because of heavy turn-out they can come back tomorrow, and a fraud issue when they know that the turn out will be out the door, around the block and down the highway and only put two or three voting booths in minority locations- that is also potentially a Voting Rights Act of 1965 issue.

Third, when the computers malfunction to such a statistical percentage that in 12 Counties in Florida and all of Cleveland more voted came in for both Presidential Candidates tallied on election night than showed up at the polls, we know someone is playing fast and loose with basic arithmatic.

Fourth, when the statistically improbably if not impossible event occurs where after the numbers started coming in that jumped in five concurrent states at the same time for Bush, we know it is time to call the computer geeks at Stanford, MIT and Microsoft to investigate.

Fifth, we know that purging of the rolls was done aggressively, and in many cases improperly (one woman I obtained an Affidavit from in Texas declared under oath that she was told she was purged because she did not show up for jury duty for example.)

Sixth, we know that people were often not told of the HAVA law right to obtain a provisional ballot, were actively discouraged from casting them because of statements such as "they are too much paperwork to bother" and "they probably won't count" which when coupled with long lines, people simply left and did not vote while they wanted to. In many places the Republican precinct 'Election Judges" who are neither attorneys nor judges simply advised voters that they ran out of forms -- as early as 11:00 am.


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