Re: Who You Callin' Stupid?: Looking to Lakoff

I knew it!!!

I kind of guessed this, just based on my experience with the Republicans I know. I posted it here too.

Would you vote for people who openly call you dumb ?

Why the DUMB Argument will make Dems loose everytime

Would you vote for people who openly call you dumb ? I wouldn't and I suspect very few would. Bush is not a bible thumping redneck hick, he just plays one in TV. And we make fun of him mercilessly. Who are we really laughing at ?

Rove manipulated & twisted North/South rivalry

Another insight I had based on my observation of GOPpies I know..

Rove manipulated & twisted North/South rivalry into a RED versus BLUE frame, to get votes for GW
The "la-la-la I can't hear you" vote
I believe we have just had a massive case of that. A kind of "I might get hurt but I'll show them" vote.

Proof ? Have you seen any Bush voter trully HAPPY tha last couple of days ? They won, they took both houses, got the popular vote. Yet instead of partying and rejoicing, among them. They prefer to goad and gloat the loosing side. Kos said it himself: "What is it with conservatives and their neverending rage? They control everything, yet they remain angry, angry, angry. Was it Jon Stewart who called it the "anger of the enfranchised"?

They are all clearly energized and obssessed with sending a massive "nia,nia,nia,nia,nia,na" to us blues... I believe most of them wanted BLUES to loose as much as or MORE than they wanted Bush to win

That was their #1 priority, over Iraq, jobs, etc..

The Proud to be [a redneck] American crowd
Have you ever seen a "Proud to be American" sticker on the same car there's a Kerry sticker ? I doubt it. Although we "blues" are very proud of our democracy, our freedoms, our land and our excellency, we don't feel the need to say it every 5 minutes. But they do.

I suspect all the mocking and the fact that the Red states ARE less developed, have weaker universities, hospitals and industry and had to be brought kicking and screaming to the 20th century made them very insecure.

The REDS feel, way more than we do, a need to be reassured that they should be proud of being who they are. And Rove/ Bush gave them that, while the Dems discourse was taking it away from them

Choosing a war monger nincompoop out of spite ?
Surely they wouldn't do that ? Choose a man they can SEE is not up to the task of guiding our country, just to spite the Vinnys, Gores, Alex Baldwin and other city folk

Let's look at the Bush family: Bush's behavior was clearly self destructive and he clearly had a hard time filling into his brilliant, go athlete father's shoes. It was what I call the "I don't care if I get hurt but I'll teach daddy a lesson" behavior. (He eventually outgrew that and now he only destroys other people's lives not his, in his endless quest to "show daddy")

I believe we are seeing the same here from reds to blues...

Rove is to blame for all this division ?

I believe so. In his dark political genius, manipulating the country's emotions to pit brother against brother was just another step, just another "frame" to get his beloved Bush elected...

True to form though, Repugs are already looking for another scapegoat to pin the blame for this divisiveness:

* The Blues, using their oldie but goldie trick of projecting their own flaws into the opponent
* The Internet

Divided country? It's all the internet's fault

PC Magazine Op/Ed: The Zeros versus the Ones
After witnessing the latest Presidential election process, it's apparent to me that the Internet is turning into a bad dream. Nobody wants to admit it, but the Web's natural ability to remove normal interpersonal structures that prevent society from falling into chaos is not a benefit to anyone. Information revolution notwithstanding, the Internet will prove to be the undoing of society and civilization as we know it. It may not happen today, but it will happen sooner than we think.

If it were up to me, I'd shut down the Net tomorrow and make people get out of the house and mingle. By the time the liberal and conservative extremes, incensed by blog-driven blather, leave the house, it will be as two swarms of locusts hell-bent on revolution--or on battling each other


Blogger luaptifer said...

'those shouting most loudly in defense of their faith are often the most insecure in its embrace.' or something to that effect i encountered a long time ago in a form that probably doesn't look much as i presented it! but i think it says so much, maybe relevant here.

forgetting conventional wisdom, idiots think a supposed majority makes them right and they sure didn't like being called dumb. probably in part cause they understand the assertions are correct but voting in the majority gave them the ability to kick back at their tormentors. 'might makes right' or something like that...the blind-faithers have underlying control issues at work, seeing 'em rage now makes sense!

11/10/2004 08:15:00 PM  

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