Plans for theocracy spelled out on TX GOP Platform

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Plans for theocracy spelled out on TX GOP Platform

Shouldn't be a surprise. I've been telling folks for a couple years now {2002) the Bush GOP has specific plans in their TX Platform to destroy democracy with the creation of a theocracy.. No one listened, everyone laughed, even so called liberals.. Such is the 'avoidance' of reality by my 'comrades.'

'Our Party pledges to do everything within its power to restore the original intent of the First Amendment of the United States and dispel the myth of the seperation of Church and State.' Which not only shows clear intent to install theocracy, but provides 'revisionist' history akin to the NeoNazis claiming the holocaust didn't happen... That quote is taken straight from the GOP Texas Republican Party Platform you can download by clicking on it here to see for yourself [pdf file]. http://www.texasgop.org/library/RPTPlatform2002.pdf

Although we already have a theocracy for all intensive purposes, just not one 'formalized' in law by erasing the 1st amendment like the 4th has already be eviscerated

Theocracy: Form of government where the rulers are identical with the leaders of the dominant religion, and governmental policies are either identical with or strongly influenced by principles of the majority religion. Wikipedia Encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theocracy

Now they're just going to formalize it with an equally theofascist state as found in Iran.."


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