OH Lake County Elections Director: prosecutors should challenge frivolous recount efforts

The News-Herald
Lake County was the first to report results to the Ohio Secretary of State's office on election night.

The Lake County Elections Board certified the Nov. 2 election Sunday afternoon.

Lake County Elections Director Jan F. Clair said she will return a check to Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb and his counterpart with the Libertarian Party, Michael Badnarik.

They sent money to Lake County to pay for an automatic recount of presidential election ballots in the county.

Their $10 a precinct falls far short of the full cost, Clair said. Additionally, the two third parties can't seek an automatic recount until the state certifies the election.

She also said some prosecutors should challenge this because it could be considered frivolous.

An additional obstacle would be getting the recount completed before the state's electoral college meets Dec. 13, Clair said. The Lake County recount would take two days, Clair said.


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