Nader's recount in NH gave one democrat a victory

Common Ground Common Sense

This is why we should get a recount in every, state

Recount costs Carrara House seat

CONCORD — In a recount, Democrat Claudia Chase of Francestown beat out Republican Dario A. Carrara of Greenfield by four votes in the New Hampshire House District 2 election, officials announced.

The original count had Carrara defeating Chase 1,555 to 1,523 votes. The recount recast 36 votes, and showed Chase to be the winner by a 1,523 to 1,519 margin over Carrara.

"There are a number of scenarios that could have caused that to happen, but we think that a number of straight ticket ballots being miscounted is the most likely answer," said Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan.


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