Moderate GOPpies will regret their vote ?

Kerry-Edwards Online Forum:

Bush hid his rightwinged supporters during the RNC--dragging out Juliani, Arnold and McCain. However, it was a ploy to attract conservative/moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans--and it worked..

Today's press conference shows that Bush is testy, impatient, and doesnt like to answer questions about his new agenda. He shows he has a difficult time with short term memory and cannot handle more than one question at a time. However, the questions from reporters were direct and hard hitting--Bush showed that he has a very strong rightwinged agenda. It will be interesting to see how the voters who thought Bush was moving to the middle will feel today and the coming weeks.

There is one thing we all can do and should do--Bush will try and reach out to the most conservative republicans, such as Lieberman, to support his Social securtiy privatization,etc. We need to write to our Congressmen expressing our concern over Bush's policies, and especially to those Democrats that Bush will try and bring over to his side for the 60% vote needed to pass his policies.



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