Mike Hout on Crooked Timber: Further Analysis of Electronic Voting Patterns

Crooked Timber: Further Analysis of Electronic Voting Patterns: Colleagues,
We do not claim that our results show cheating. I cannot think of a way that stats could be definitive on that question. We have tried to stick to words like “discrepancy” and “statistical anomaly” to communicate how open to interpretation these results are. Personally I suspect hardware or software errors.

In interviews and public comments since seeing Andy Gelman’s plots, I have stressed that Broward and PB are key to the results.

This brief note does not address all your concerns, I know. We are working up an FAQ and blog site to help us manage the flood of correspondence we are getting. It is too soon to predict when it will be working.
Posted by Mike Hout · November 25, 2004 06:17 PM


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