Kerry did the right thing conceding

I understand it.

But to keep doing it in the hopes of coming out as "noble" is foolish. If Clinton had fallen into the trap of "look noble, do the right thing" and resigned, this coup would have happened 6 years ago.

I admire Clinton A LOT by the way he stood firm during Star/ Newt / Hyde attempt at a bloodless coup, trying to shame him out of office. I voted for Clinton for President, not for son-in-law or husband. His affair was NOT my or anyone's concern but Hillary & Chelsea's.

Sure they call him "slick Willie" and worse. But let's face it, did they treat Gore or Kerry any better ?

Do you know what Bushies say about "turning the other cheek" ?

if you turn the other cheek, you'll probably catch a slap on that side too. When the fundamentalists start piling up faggots around faggots, let's not limit ourselves to deploring the fire code violation

Face it: the aggressive elan of the religious right is running rings around the limited legalism of its enemies. The repressive right is (on the) offensive. The punch-drunk, punch-pulling "progressives" are only reacting. Unlike most who model the adjective, the godly really are radical. They're happy to rewrite or rip up their own revered Constitution. They're out to shatter the social and sexual status quo. They have a (tunnel) vision of a theocratic New Order. They mean business.

The liberals and leftists in contrast are dithering, defensive conservatives -- Weimar paralytics unwilling to do unto others what's being done unto them. Why not?

Hindsight is 20/20, heh ?

Except that this was written in 1982.

Let Us Prey! by Bob Black
Originally published in 1982, 1985

Were were we libbie voters and the DNC while this was becoming more obvious with every passing day ?


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