Kerry COULD ask for a run-off election

That sounds crazy. How would you ever get the USA to agree to a runoff election?!??

Well, if we can give a CLEAR ALTERNATIVE to pregnant chads and hanging idents...

Besides, it can't be more embarassing than what we have now. Nothing can, not even with Ronnie McDonald and playcenters at poll places

Brazil: Runoff Elections

Brazil has 100 times more fraud, bribery and corruption than US, and they managed to avoid the Florida mess every election by doing run-off elections

Fact is 500 votes can be faked here and 5,000 votes can be faked in Brazil but 5 million votes can't be faked.  Not in any country that is at least remotely democratic.

A run off election effectively nullifies the effect of any frauds on our most important election.

How can we ensure no frauds happen ?

If we go for this NOW, we need a process that is:

a) Already in place, there's no time to build another

b) It's proven to be fast and accurate

c) Has paper trails and audit trails

Don't laugh... McDonalds would fit into all 3 criteria

Daily Kos :: Will you have fries with that ballot ?

Do me a favor: When you go home tonight, stop by a McDonald's drive-thru and order something.

While there, pay attention to their touch screen ordering system (McD), which includes a paper receipt printout given back to you. And you can bet they have audit trails on those transactions.

How would it do all that ?

I propose Kerry is the "Cheeseburger" and Bush is the Big Mac

30 days from now, on "run off election day", all the polling gets done at McD:

Order cheeseburger if you vote Kerry, order Big Mac if you vote Bush. (No cash needed)

Give your paper receipt to the polling clerk

Crazy idea ?

It's simple, fast, cheap and accurate.

It won't give time for Rove to get a "fix" in

Election results can be tallied in one night.

There's a paper trail a mile long

So, do you still think I'm crazy ?


Blogger Cupcake said...

Seriously, that sounds more sane than the present system(s)! And Nader could be the milkshake! :)

As a pommy I commiserate with you guys wholeheartedly. I have been bloggin non-stop but to no avail. The Bushies really don't get it. They don't even understand that the outcome of the election affects the whole world. Seriously. They cannot be reasoned with. Come up with an argument they cannot argue against and all you get is verbal abuse.

The front cover of the Mirror really does reflect popular opinion in the UK. Thankfully we are not quite as bombarded by political propaganda as you poor guys so we have a pretty good idea of what's going on. Even the BBC, government funded, is more impartial than Fox.

11/05/2004 12:28:00 AM  
Blogger lawnorder said...

You brits are sooo lucky !!!!

Can we trade ? You take Dummya and we get Blair ?

We'll throw in Nader for good measure :-)

11/05/2004 01:36:00 PM  

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