It will get worse if we turn against each other

My battery is at an end today, but I wanted to remind all of this:

It will get worse if we turn against each other in America

I can NOT forgive Kerry for giving in so quickly.

He needed to calm down the unwashed masses (us) ?

I agree with that need too. There's nothing to gain by all this division.

Iraq is going bad enough. McCartism is back. It will only get worse if we Americans turn against each other... There are enough people who hate us, we don't need more hate

So I'll cool down, lick my wounds and let go.

And you should too.


Blogger luaptifer said...

That article you forwarded this morning stood as pretty good evidence, I thought, with only two outliers of the correlation between exit poll and vote tally. What can we do? What we have, I guess, engaging the truely, newly democratically energized community in concert. What a sweet thing that common cause of thousands.

Juli, I hate the fracture that rims the edges of our country. But I think that fact, that it's the edges, goes to the problem. Where novelty and 'other' are insurgent and tolerated, it's a blue paint job. The insular heartland mindset that's buffered from threat by 'other' paints itself bloody red.

LOL, sometimes I am able to catch myself before too long preaching to the choir, sorry ;-) You're lucky or perhaps I am. The collaboration's been fun, you're very helpful and pretty damn good at getting the point home in short order. Volume is my bane! Thank you, hope you'll not retire too deeply to the recesses.

...but that divided thing. Tolerance and compromise are leftie principles, core to the being. That's me. But there're only so many times one can tolerate being slammed before a leftie's gotta stop alternating cheeks. Read Seymour Hersh's recent writings on the CONs, he's put a bit of a pause in my condemnation of the neoCONs being solely power and profit driven. He asserted that their philosophically faith-based motivation as bad as if they knew they were lying. Or believed it...

...agreed that directing anger against Americans is not a good thing but their routine lies and machinations are a form of violence we've been hit with for four years. I don't trust 'em worth a damn and if half my countrymen want to go down with the Titanic, how do I get 'em all to embark on a different ship? Not enough global warming for me to be quite ready for CA yet, no semi-tropical zones ;-)

11/03/2004 10:11:00 PM  

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