Imagine (George Orwell's version)

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"In The Loop" at the Washington Post is sponsoring a contest to select a theme song for the Democratic Party. Their example..."I Will Suvive" by Gloria Gaynor . Grrrr...

I suggest Imagine - cover by A Perfect Circle
I suggest Imagine - cover by A Perfect Circle
The issue at hand nowadays is Our values vs Their Values. Imagine by John Lennon is "corny" to red staters, but reminds us all of values that really matter to Dems and used to matter to us all. The Perfect Circle cover of it is PERFECT to express this dichotomy between values we hold dear and current society.

From my e-mail
The band A Perfect Circle (which features the former lead singer of Tool) covered the John Lennon tune.

It's *dark* -- I would describe the original version as a good soundtrack piece for a utopian fantasy. This version would be a good soundtrack piece for a dystopian horror flick (like a film version of Orwell's *1984* or Yevgeny Zamyatin's *We* or Huxley's *Brave New World*) -- anyway I think I like it."

See video here


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