If we'd run the country exactly by the constitution

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If we'd run the country exactly as it was defined under the
constitution, we'd be two nations, divided at the Mason Dixon line.
--The black vote in the south would still be counted 2/5ths based
upon the number of slaves the slave owner controlled.
--The south never would have surrendered hard currency, dooming it to
financial hardships as the economy stagnated under poor mineral
--Florida would still be a Piece of Mexico, so at least we could have
avoided annoying election dramas.
--We never would have invaded Cuba in the Spanish American war, so we
never would have established a Gitmo, and never could have allowed
prisoners to be mistreated there.
--Woodrow Wilson, born a Virginian, would never have become a
president of the United States, and never would have urged our
participation in WWI.
--Hawaii may have remained an independent nation, so there may have
been no pearl harbor(for the US at least), but even if we'd gone to
war in WWII, we wouldn't have had Ike, he was born in Texas, and
raised in kansas, and that would have been a separate nation.
--The south would probably have had to import Edison lights at
exorbitant tariffs, and the lack of the Tennessee Valley authority,
would have meant no electric power for most of the south.
--With a divided nation, and the added costs of defending our borders
(north and south), we probably never would haveparticipated in WWII
before it was on our very shores.
--Despite popular belief, most of the red states would still be Union
blue, as it was still the immigration of the North that drove

--If the depression had still occurred in the North due to dust bowl
and world economy collapse, the south, her markets devastated would
have been harder pressed than the North, but Roosevelt's new deal
would have never saved us, and bankruptcy and starvation would have
been the fate for most of the United States and the Confederate

--Basically, if we'd followed the constitution to the letter, without
anything other than amendments, we'd have been in pretty sorry
shape. Our country would have been divided (like actual borders) and
we'd have spent money needlessly after bad. Our armed forces
wouldn't be projected across the world because we never would have
participated in the rest of the world. We'd probably have succumbed
to Nazi agression, after England folded with no ships built in WWI to
lend and lease to them. Russia would have been a different sort of
butchering ground, and Japan would have controlled China.

Choose your policies well.


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