I swear: I'm on vacation (Keith Olbermann


I swear: I'm on vacation (Keith Olbermann)

SECURE UNDISCLOSED LOCATION - Golly, I’ve never been the subject of a conspiracy theory before.

Yet, there it is, flying around the internet under the byline of a Peter Coyote: that when I attempted to break the “lock-down” of coverage of the voting irregularities story in the media during Friday night’s edition of Countdown, I was fired, and left the studio in the middle of the program.

Um, no, actually.

I’m on vacation - it’s been scheduled since August; I’ll be blogging in the interim; Countdown will continue to cover the story in my absence; I not only wasn’t fired for ‘mentioning’ the story - but we covered it five nights in a row; and, I’ll be back on television on the 22nd (earlier, if developments warrant).


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