God bless you, Energizer Bunny

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God bless you, Energizer Bunny

I have no energy left... But I did want to share his great blog.

as I said, I am not angry with Kerry this morning. I think that even though he made some mistakes, he ran a pretty good campaign. He was the only President on stage during the debates. Many of the ads we ran (and I'm including the 527s in that "we") were very effective. And Iraq really should have been the main issue, our issue.

Instead, we allowed the Republicans to scare the fundamentalists with the idea of gay marriage. Not the fact that their children were dying in Iraq. Not the very real possibility of some kind of draft. Not the sputtering economy. Not the reality the Bush and his administration did nothing to prevent 9/11. Not rising oil costs and our dependence on foreign fuel. Not the blatant corruption in our military contracts. Not the fact that our commander in chief refuses to think a problem through and simple goes by his gut.

No, apparently the scariest thing in the nation right now is the possibility that my partner Scott and I could file a joint tax return. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say "moral values".

Look, I can already teach at school. I can already have a child biologically or adopt one. I can already draw a will naming Scott my beneficiary. All I can't do is cover him on my insurance easily or visit him in the hospital. Which, you know, would harm the children.

The conservative chatterers like to refer to us liberals as elitist, as intellectual wussies, as out of step with America. And yeah, I dismiss their arguments on gay marriage pretty flippantly. I'm not going to apologize for that. The idea that my being in love poses a threat to the American family is asinine. It's unworthy of intelligent response. That's not elitist, that's common sense. I do not have to justify my existence to Ann Coulter. I do not have to change who I am for Sean Hannity. And I should not have to lie to myself about who I love to please George W. Bush. I am an American and I am entitled to equal rights. It's not up for debate, it's right there in the first sentence an American ever wrote. This truth IS self-evident.

I resent that I was the wedge issue that drove this election. And, make no mistake, we lost this in large part because of the gay marriage issue. That's why so many swing states had anti-gay initiatives on the ballot: to drive up the bigot vote. I'm done referring to Ralph Reed's army of idiots as fundamentalists or evangelicals....


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