[Fwd: Do you agree with Pat Robert's Logic?]

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[Fwd: Do you agree with Pat Robert's Logic?]
I do not. Unformatted as I recieved it. What is the best way to counter this propaganda, Pam and Bev?

Dear Constituent,

Thank you for writing to share your support for legislation to provide for the integrity of voting systems. I appreciate your comments on this issue.
In 2002, Congress passed the Help American Vote Act (HAVA). This legislation, which I support, sets the first nationwide standards for elections. It authorizes nearly $3.9 billion in aid to states for upgrading voting technology and administration to ensure the integrity of the nation's election system.

In addition, HAVA establishes a Technical Guidelines Development Committee to assist the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), which is tasked with implementing HAVA, in developing guidelines and standards to ensure the reliability of computer technologies being used in voting systems. These standards will focus on the security of computer systems, detection and prevention of fraud, and protection of voter privacy. HAVA does not mandate the use of any specific voting system. It does require that voting systems be enhanced to avoid errors and the accessibility problems associated with antiquated voting systems like punch cards. Computer-based voting systems have a demonstrated record of achieving this goal, particularly for persons with disabilities.

In response to concerns about electronic voting systems, Senator John Ensign (R-NV) introduced S. 2437 to expand HAVA to require that voting systems produce a voter-verified paper record and requires that the paper record serve as the official record of the vote cast in the event of a discrepancy between the electronic and paper record. Because HAVA does not require full implementation of new voting systems until 2006, to give the EAC time to develop certification and security guidelines, it is unlikely that Congress will approve legislation to require state's to purchase systems prior to that deadline that are capable of producing an individual voter-verified paper ballot.

In Kansas, as in most states, the Secretary of State is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the state's voting systems. In Kansas, the electronic voting system in use produces a permanent paper record of each vote cast with a manual audit capacity, provides the voter with an opportunity to change the ballot or correct any error before the permanent paper record is produced, and ensures that the paper record is available as an official record should a recount be required.

Voters must have confidence in the accuracy of electronic voting systems. However, I have concerns that this legislation would do little to ensure greater trust in vote tabulation. Instead, it would create a system of dual results, impose additional costs on state and local election officials and undermine state control of election administration. More importantly, the proposals requiring a voter-verified paper record would force voters with disabilities to return to using ballots that provide neither privacy nor independence, thereby subverting a key provision of the HAVA legislation. Please be assured, I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue. I will keep your comments in mind as Congress examines this issue.
With every best wish,

Pat Roberts


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