Future Republican Voter Fraud Scenario Alleged (Major Barf Alert)

Free Republic:

*NOTE* For those of you who do not know Mr. Niman, he is the alternative journalist who “predicted” the “assignation” of Paul Wellstone after the “fact”.

In this piece, Mr. Niman establishes his next Republican-driven conspiracy theory.

Here, Mr. Niman sets the groundwork to challenge all future elections won by Republicans as being rooted in Republican voter fraud.

This is his preemptive strike; his attempt to taint every future Republican victory with alleged conspiracies.

Mr. Niman is doing this, of course, because he knows that with voting reforms will come less opportunities for DemonRats to commit voter fraud; thereby ushering in a greater number of Republican victories.

Mr. Niman is trying to undercut these coming triumphs by implying that the increasing number and all future Republican wins are the clear result of voter fraud and should be suspect and invalid.

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