Falluja in Ruins as Insurgency Spreads

Falluja in Ruins as Insurgency Spreads

The New York Times is reporting that 'Ambushes and bomb attacks jolted central and northern Iraq on Wednesday as insurgents pressed a campaign against American and Iraqi forces after the American-led offensive that left swaths of Falluja in ruins.' Large sections of Falluja, known in Iraq as 'The City of Mosques' and formerly a center of resistance to Saddam Hussein, have been reduced to rubble. The Times also quotes Marine intelligence officers warning that despite U.S. military action 'the insurgents will continue to grow in number, wage guerrilla attacks and try to foment unrest among Falluja's returning residents.' Despite Pentagon claims the insurgents in Fallujah are not done yet. The Washington Post reports that 'the staccato bursts of gunfire and thunder from tank rounds in the city's center countered Iraqi and U.S. claims over the weekend that the battle there had largely ended. U.S. commanders said they held the entire city but acknowledged that rebels have moved back into areas that were believed to have been secured.'"


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