Election Worker Refuses to Lie for Voting Software Company

Election Worker Refuses to Lie for Voting Software Company

Election Worker Refuses to Lie for Voting Software Company
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Wendy Orange

By Rick Dawson and Loni Smith McKown

I-Team 8 has more information on a woman who disobeyed her company by telling the truth.

Wendy Orange works for Election Systems and Software, known as ES&S, which sold Marion County its voting system.

Marion County Clerk Doris Anne Sadler revealed Tuesday that the company installed illegal software before last November's election.

The I-Team first met Wendy Orange last January, when we conducted a test on Marion County's new optical-scan voting machines. Orange is the ES&S project manager for Marion County. She's the one who blew the whistle on ES&S for installing illegal software, the same software used to tabulate November's election results.

“The company with which the Marion County election board has contracted to provide its voting machines and software has willfully and purposely deceived me and the Marion County election board by installing uncertified election software and then ordering their employee to withhold that information from me,” said Sadler at a Tuesday press conference.

But Wendy Orange didn't withhold that information. Her husband, Doug Orange, used to work for ES&S as Johnson County's project manager. He was fired after refusing a superior's order to zero the counters on voting machines at the courthouse instead of the polls. “I felt those procedures were illegal,” said Orange.

Johnson County Clerk Jill Jackson believes Doug Orange did the right thing. “There's a lot of integrity there, that he put his job on the line because he was not willing to do something that he felt was illegal,” said Jackson.

Doris Anne Sadler believes Wendy Orange did the right thing too. “The software in question is called data acquisition manager and is used to compile the votes,” said Sadler.


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