Duncan Hunter: The Man Who Killed the NID (National Intelligence Director)

When they lower the pine box that carries the9 - 11 recommendations into
the ground, they should offer a few parting words of praise to Congressman
Duncan Hunter(R-CA) His efforts as chairman of the Armed Services Committee
ensured that legislation for a National Intelligence Director was
Dead-on-Arrival. Despite the conclusions of the9 - 11Commission, Hunter
decided to throw his lot with Pentagon bigwigs and powerful constituents
rather than provide greater safety for the American people.

The story of how one man can subvert the system and torpedo legislation is
a familiar one in Washington DC, but alien to those beyond the Beltway. It
demonstrates the corrupting influence of money in politics and how the will
of the people is subordinated to private interests. In this case,
Congressman Hunter battled tooth-n-nail to protect the yearly allocations
(80% of the annual Intelligence budget) to the Defense Dept. rather then
supporting a plan that would improve national security. His maneuverings
keep the flow of taxpayer dollars surging into the Pentagon where the money
is controlled by good friend, Donald Rumsfeld.

Hunter is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Defense industry; no one
harbors any illusions that he is performing the “people’s work”. He gets his
marching orders from either his constituents or their employer in the
Pentagon, Mr. Rumsfeld. Hunters’ list of campaign contributors reads like a
“whose-who” of defense contractors. Everyone from Boeing to Lockheed-Martin
has taken their turn filling the coffers of the six-time California
congressman. Lately, his connection to Titan Corp. has turned more than a
few heads; especially since he personally led the charge to quash further
investigations into the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Hunter may not have
started the apocryphal “a few bad apples” theory, but he certainly got a lot
of mileage out of it. His appearance on countless conservative talk shows
and cable stations has given him ample opportunity to rail against “liberal
subversives” who pressed for an independent investigation of Rummy’s torture
chambers. As he dismissively noted, “I would call on the media who has now
given more attention to these seven people (the torturers) then what they
did to the invasion of Normandy”. Hunter’s braying is nothing more than a
cover up for the massive human rights abuses of his friends and political
contributors. After all, big-time Hunter supporter, Titan Corporation, is at
the epicenter of the controversy. Titan employees have been photographed
taking part in stacking up naked Iraqis to extract information through
humiliation. No wonder Hunter would like to see the whole mess disappear;
Titan’s involvement threatens to cut off a reliable source of campaign
Duncan Hunter: The Man Who Killed the NID (National Intelligence Director) By Mike Whitney


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