Democrats and Republican Moderates

Democrats and Republican Moderates
by Meteor Blades
Fri Nov 19th, 2004 at 20:30:41 CDT

That “civil war” that some predicted if Republicans won the election is obviously something that didn’t just begin November 3. Some of its roots can be traced to Barry Goldwater’s 1964 defeat, and especially, the presidency of Richard Nixon, which, whatever negative can be said about it, ushered in the EPA, OSHA and détente with Bejing, none of these items on the conservative agenda.

It could be argued that the “major combat” phase of that internecine war is over, and all we’re witnessing at present are mopping-up operations as the radical conservatives – both neo and fundi – take over completely. As we discussed here a few days ago, that’s certainly the way Concerned Women for America see it. But there’s still a smidgen of moderation and pragmatism to be found in the Grand Old Party.

Michael Cudahy, who served on national campaign staff member of President George H.W. Bush, has a few words of advice for embattled moderate Republicans. He writes:

Can Republican moderates find the nerve to fight back against the neocons who have hijacked their party?

Out-organized by neo-conservative groups like the Christian Coalition, the Family Research Council, and the Club for Growth, moderates are no longer viewed as respected members of a philosophically broad-based party. They have, instead, become targets for a group of cannibalistic vigilantes bent on establishing ideological purity.


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