Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections

Election 2004 Results

* Purchase Preliminary Election 2004 County Data File!
* 2004 Election Results
* National County Map for 2004!

Menu Guide

* 2004: provides information on the upcoming 2004 Presidential Election, including the very popular Electoral College Calculator and the 2004 Presidential Prediction Page.

* Election Results: link directs the browser to detailed national results for the major and minor candidates for U.S. President in the general (November) presidential elections from 1789 through 2000. Individual year pages include candidates, parties, popular and electoral vote totals, maps, charts, and voter turnout (1932-2000). Also, additional menus provide hyperlinks to state results pages for the Presidential Elections from 1892 through 2000. County-level maps and data are available for the elections from 1960 through 2000. The 2000 pages also include the results maps for President by U.S. Congressional District!


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