Daily Kos :: Who You Callin' Stupid?: Looking to Lakoff (Part 1)

Daily Kos:
"'To be accepted, the truth must fit people's frames. If the facts do not fit a frame, the frame stays and the facts bounce off.'

Think for a minute of the great fact bouncers of recent politics. Al Gore comes to mind.

In the 2000 debates, Gore showed up with a massive quantity of facts to present to George W. Bush and to the American public.

Gore's startegy of pulling out these facts to convince the American public was based on what Lakoff calls this three step logic:

* The truth will set us free
* People are rational beings
* Present people with the facts and they will draw the right conclusion

I'll never forget that moment when Gore dangled the Dingle bill in front of Bush and the American people. Gore had an amazing control over legislative facts, but those facts just bounced off Bush and conservative voters because they did fit into the GOP frame of compassionate conservatism that Bush advanced relentlessly for the whole campaign."


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