Daily Kos :: We've Been Framed: Looking to Lakoff (Intro)

Daily Kos :: We've Been Framed: Looking to Lakoff (Intro): "This is the Lakoff's model in a nuthsell:

* Every phrase we use has two levels of meaning
* First, there is the meaning expressed in the words themselves, the ideas they communicate directly.
* Second, there is the meaning invoked by the words, the broad set of unspoken ideas through which we understand ourselves and the world around us (e.g., the 'frame')

What we will discover is that while all phrases express meaning, one type of phrase is particularly good at invoking frames: metaphors. A metaphor is a phrase that expresses one thing in the terms or qualities of another:

* head of state (states aren't bodies)
* face of evil (evil is not a person)
* war on terror (terror is a place or army)"


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