Daily Kos :: Verizon Welfare Act Blocks Free Internet Access

Daily Kos :: Verizon Welfare Act Blocks Free Internet Access: "Verizon Welfare Act Blocks Free Internet Access
by Athena

Tue Nov 23rd, 2004 at 13:44:35 CDT

Big telecom is threatened by public initiatives that make media access a public good which is offered by the government. This issue concerns us at dKos because we need to ensure that our own communications channels remain open and that the public has increased access to alternative information sources. Municipal efforts to provide wireless access are straining because of concentrated corporate firepower. An example:

Gov. Rendell has been asked to sign House Bill 30 (passed by both houses), which would forbid any municipality from offering free wireless access to the public. The bill contains a provision which prevents a government from competing with private companies to provide high-speed Internet access. Verizon has been its main champion, and Comcast is on board as well.


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Mayor Street of Philadelphia has proposed that the city provide Wi-Fi access to its citizens at little or no charge ('Philadelphia Wireless'):


Guess what happens to Philly's plan if the bill is signed? Yeah, that's right.

These public access efforts are vulnerable through compliant legislation which limits the ability of government to act in a manner that threatens corporate monopoly, and, of course, profits. Similar efforts are underway across the country.

Let's get this issue on the radar screen and expose the self-mutilation of our government - giveaway laws that prevent the government from being, well, the government.

We need to safeguard the pipelines as well as the content in our ongoing information warfare."


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